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The Oracle of Tibetan Buddhism

The Dalai Lama actively consults the Nechung or the Tibetan Buddhist Oracle.

For hundreds of years now, it has been traditional for the Dalai Lama, and the Government, to consult Nechung during the New Year festivals. In addition, he might well be called upon at other times if either have specific queries. I myself have dealings with him several times a year This may sound far-fetched to twentieth-century western readers. Even some Tibetans, mostly those who consider themselves ’progressive’, have misgivings about my continued use of this ancient method of intelligence gathering. -The Dalai Lama


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A Rune Forecast for October:

A Rune Forecast for October:

Sometimes an education that is forced upon us like a shot of castor oil will bristle the back hairs with vehement resistance but in the end we usually are happier and healthier for it; as knowledge leads to wisdom.

Chin up! Life is not lived through television, facebook, and twitter. Life is always lived in the moment so take stock and be thankful for what you have; be conscious of all you think, say, and do; be open to the Truth, as you are a child of GOD worthy of love, wisdom, and happiness. Regarding the Law of Cause and Effect, When we strive for perfecting the cause we fertilize perfect effects.

Kano- (Reversed)
The gloomy pall of the last months “sturm und drang” will now begin to dissipate as we emotionally move into the fall season. The pang of nostalgia for sunnier days past, cast a disappointing gloom for us last month as the torch of hope,  was dumped into a bucket of doubt punctuated by the World Trade Organization’s wry comment that the various governments should be good and ready to have the general population bashed  in the financial testes yet again, which was code for “if you haven’t stocked up on tear gas and rubber bullets, you have only yourself to blame.”

Now is the time of emergence  from this haze of doom and gloom; now is the time to inform the mind on what is actually happening in front of our faces and behind closed doors both in our government and corporate boardrooms; now is the moment to achieve clarity on who actually represents our collective best interests? Clear away your old illusions and take responsibility for your own education on what our US currency is based on in the 21st century.

Be prepared for a big punch in the gut but don’t despair as it is all happening for your ultimate betterment and benefit, though it won’t seem that way at the time. When we find ourselves stuck in a detrimental belief system that is patently false we sometimes don’t want to know how much nonsense we have put ourselves through because we didn’t read between the lines and kept expecting politicians to be honest, CEO’s to be ethical, and bankers to be human beings.

In a nutshell, find out for yourself how money is made in  this country and the industrialized world, if you think you learned it in school you didn’t. Learn what our world  currencies are actually based on (it was worth something tangible 40 years ago), you’d be surprised to know what those dollars sitting in your wallet are actually worth. Here’s a hint money=debt. Understand credit and it’s issuance and how our financial markets are controlled by those who control credit.  Augment your spending habits by supporting your local economy and neighbors. Stop buying products that don’t represent your personal values, exploit others, or harms your health and livelihood. Once you start your journey down the rabbit hole, don’t give up you’ll be glad you didn’t.

Tarot Card of the Day: The Fool


Tarot Card of the Day: The Fool

There is nothing more refreshing then starting your day with a bright open mind; ripe for opportunity and new beginnings.  A choice is being offered to you today and with that comes the awesome responsibility of making the right decision. The Fool has no limitations outside of his own thinking and as such the opportunities are endless but be weary that the precipice of self doubt lays dangerously close and may need some thoughtful negotiation should your mind stray from it’s intended path.  Ask yourself  are you choosing Love or Fear?

A finely attired fop of a youth known as The Fool strides boldly into the field of action, his head turned upward with the nourishing rays of God’s loving intent at his back. Holding a white rose of pure intention his goal is a lofty one. Across his shoulder he carries in his sack, the four elements of co-creation, indicating that he holds all the tools he will need for self-realization and success while on his sojourn to the self. At his feet is his loving prancing companion, loyal to his cause, and equally oblivious to limited thinking; a reminder of God’s unconditional love.

Tarot Card of the Day: The Queen of Swords

Tarot Card of the Day: The Queen of Swords
With serene authority the Queen of the Thrones of Air gives benediction over her subjects and rules with the Sword, which pierce’s matter and informs the mind. A woman of skilled accomplishment, The Queen of Swords holds her own in a mans world. Acute preceptiveness, reinforced with intuition and steely nerves she is both fair and honorable. She has the power of command over both the masculine and feminine and will not hesitate to dispatch those who step on her shadow with ill intent. She has experienced great loss and sorrow and wears her tragedy like armor. Not surprisingly her tongue and witt can cut both ways and her temper is legendary as is her Dark Side. The Queen’s presence this next week will be as wise counsel either given or received but be gracious for she has no patience for dolts and laggards.
A single hawk soars high on the columns of rising hot air as cumulonimbus clouds billow up from the horizon. The notorious Queen of Spades is never too far from stormy weather but she enjoys her rule whole heartedly despite the appearance of severity. Her mantel reflects her natural element, Air and her crown is of golden butterflies symbols of alchemical transformation.

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