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Tarot Card of the Day: The Three of Wands

 Tarot Card of the Day: The Three of Wands

Without risk there is no reward, even in times of financial chaos and confusion opportunity abounds. It is precisely in these uncertain times that the greatest opportunity for success exists and nothing prevents the senses from detecting opportunity than unmitigated fear. The Three of Wands invites us to over come our thoughts of lack so that we may open the mind to unlimited potential. Poverty is a state of mind first that creates a state of being. Stop listening to the chatter of fear that is so artfully manipulated by pundits and television personalities. Stop sniveling and shivering in your boots and move from a state of petrified inaction to one of positive empowering action; prosperity and abundance is your divine birth right, not something the government or banks bestow upon you. You are NOT your credit rating you are a divine child of the Universe deserving of Gods unlimited abundance. Expect commerce to flourish this week and  coöperation with one’s business associates will pay dividends.

With The Three of Wands we find standing upon the hill of higher consciousness, the Merchant. He intently watches as his ships; laden with the bounty of his co-creative efforts with God, return across the waters of the subconscious. Grasping firmly in his right hand the Merchant supports his role as co creator with the unquestionable belief in his creative energies and abilities represented in the suit of wands. Being in a state of unlimited abundance requires our firm belief in ourselves and The Divine Will, ensuring us that God’s Love includes unlimited supply. Believe!

Tarot Card of the Day: The Fool


Tarot Card of the Day: The Fool

There is nothing more refreshing then starting your day with a bright open mind; ripe for opportunity and new beginnings.  A choice is being offered to you today and with that comes the awesome responsibility of making the right decision. The Fool has no limitations outside of his own thinking and as such the opportunities are endless but be weary that the precipice of self doubt lays dangerously close and may need some thoughtful negotiation should your mind stray from it’s intended path.  Ask yourself  are you choosing Love or Fear?

A finely attired fop of a youth known as The Fool strides boldly into the field of action, his head turned upward with the nourishing rays of God’s loving intent at his back. Holding a white rose of pure intention his goal is a lofty one. Across his shoulder he carries in his sack, the four elements of co-creation, indicating that he holds all the tools he will need for self-realization and success while on his sojourn to the self. At his feet is his loving prancing companion, loyal to his cause, and equally oblivious to limited thinking; a reminder of God’s unconditional love.

Tarot Card of the Day: The Five of Swords

 Tarot Card of the Day: The Five of Swords

Watch out for those who hold deception on their lips with wicked intent in their eyes. Ill-gotten gains, deceit, and general chicanery are caused by those who choose fear over love. The persuasive Specter of Lack will whisper desperate thoughts to those who lack the will to choose love; don’t be one of them today. You may get what you covet but at what price? Focus on the abundance given to you by the Divine and don’t buy the processed and packaged “there’s only so much to go around…”! frozen dinner. When you have Love what more do you really need.

The hectic sky of  The Five of Swords echoes the hoarding and gloating thoughts of a mind separate from God. How much is really enough? When you materialize your existence your possessions posses you. Instead of closing the deal with a coupe de gras, why not focus on the closing gift with an equal measure of gratitude.

Tarot Card of the Day: The Queen of Swords

Tarot Card of the Day: The Queen of Swords
With serene authority the Queen of the Thrones of Air gives benediction over her subjects and rules with the Sword, which pierce’s matter and informs the mind. A woman of skilled accomplishment, The Queen of Swords holds her own in a mans world. Acute preceptiveness, reinforced with intuition and steely nerves she is both fair and honorable. She has the power of command over both the masculine and feminine and will not hesitate to dispatch those who step on her shadow with ill intent. She has experienced great loss and sorrow and wears her tragedy like armor. Not surprisingly her tongue and witt can cut both ways and her temper is legendary as is her Dark Side. The Queen’s presence this next week will be as wise counsel either given or received but be gracious for she has no patience for dolts and laggards.
A single hawk soars high on the columns of rising hot air as cumulonimbus clouds billow up from the horizon. The notorious Queen of Spades is never too far from stormy weather but she enjoys her rule whole heartedly despite the appearance of severity. Her mantel reflects her natural element, Air and her crown is of golden butterflies symbols of alchemical transformation.

Tarot Card of the Day: The Eight of Swords

Tarot Card of the Day: The Eight of Swords

Feeling imprisoned? Confinement comes in many forms, tethering the spirit to the limitations of the material world. Sometimes we are imprisoned literally by our actions. Sometimes a person, culture or community shuts us up, binds us, and hides us. Sometimes our own lack of vision, prejudice, and ignorance chains us to victim hood or righteous indignation.

Whatever prison we CHOOSE to inhabit remember your divinity is your birth right. Break the chains of negative thinking by banishing fear and doubt. Open your cage and free yourself from yourself, your own worst enemy. Don’t be sidelined by indecision, be brave, commit, and act. Happiness is not found in the circumstance but in one’s perception of it.

Blindfolded and surrounded by swords the ego perceives only separation, a delusion. Puddled muddy thoughts surround the prisoner as the tide of higher thinking has withdrawn leaving the mind isolated and absent from the fortress of God towering in the background.