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Divination of the Moment

For our Divination of the Moment we drew three runes: 

DAGAZ– In the moment states a major life changing breakthrough in one’s self awareness and circumstances is in progress. Offerings of profound opportunity and success are waiting in the wings for your awareness. You are experiencing a 180 degree turnaround in perspective which will unleash your power potential and create dramatic changes in your life.

ANSUZ– Moving from the past suggests that psychic or synchronistic signals or signs have alerted your consciousness to this major transformation and your subconscious is intuitively preparing for the transformation that is to come. Pay attention to the messengers they may come in many forms but they will confirm what you already know.

HAGALZ– Suggests that a disruption marks the potential future, revealing a release from the binding that is now beginning to unravel. If you are feeling uneasiness, take a deep breath and release the trepidation. Take stock in those you love and love you for they will give you courage to face and overcome the fear. Freedom is the destination, fear is the obstacle.

Make an appointment today!

Make an appointment today!

A Rune Forecast for October:

A Rune Forecast for October:

Sometimes an education that is forced upon us like a shot of castor oil will bristle the back hairs with vehement resistance but in the end we usually are happier and healthier for it; as knowledge leads to wisdom.

Chin up! Life is not lived through television, facebook, and twitter. Life is always lived in the moment so take stock and be thankful for what you have; be conscious of all you think, say, and do; be open to the Truth, as you are a child of GOD worthy of love, wisdom, and happiness. Regarding the Law of Cause and Effect, When we strive for perfecting the cause we fertilize perfect effects.

Kano- (Reversed)
The gloomy pall of the last months “sturm und drang” will now begin to dissipate as we emotionally move into the fall season. The pang of nostalgia for sunnier days past, cast a disappointing gloom for us last month as the torch of hope,  was dumped into a bucket of doubt punctuated by the World Trade Organization’s wry comment that the various governments should be good and ready to have the general population bashed  in the financial testes yet again, which was code for “if you haven’t stocked up on tear gas and rubber bullets, you have only yourself to blame.”

Now is the time of emergence  from this haze of doom and gloom; now is the time to inform the mind on what is actually happening in front of our faces and behind closed doors both in our government and corporate boardrooms; now is the moment to achieve clarity on who actually represents our collective best interests? Clear away your old illusions and take responsibility for your own education on what our US currency is based on in the 21st century.

Be prepared for a big punch in the gut but don’t despair as it is all happening for your ultimate betterment and benefit, though it won’t seem that way at the time. When we find ourselves stuck in a detrimental belief system that is patently false we sometimes don’t want to know how much nonsense we have put ourselves through because we didn’t read between the lines and kept expecting politicians to be honest, CEO’s to be ethical, and bankers to be human beings.

In a nutshell, find out for yourself how money is made in  this country and the industrialized world, if you think you learned it in school you didn’t. Learn what our world  currencies are actually based on (it was worth something tangible 40 years ago), you’d be surprised to know what those dollars sitting in your wallet are actually worth. Here’s a hint money=debt. Understand credit and it’s issuance and how our financial markets are controlled by those who control credit.  Augment your spending habits by supporting your local economy and neighbors. Stop buying products that don’t represent your personal values, exploit others, or harms your health and livelihood. Once you start your journey down the rabbit hole, don’t give up you’ll be glad you didn’t.