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Video Divination of the Moment…

Please enjoy our video divination of the moment…

Rune of the Day: Sowelu-may the force be with you!

Rune of the Day: Sowelu
The rays of the sun shine down upon you, rejuvenating and revitalizing your mana. Imagine that every cell in your body is effected by the radiant solar energy creating a sense of wholeness within you.
Sowelu is a rune of life energy, wholeness and regeneration. It’s presence in your life today is to remind you that all ailments and stresses can melt away in the presence of the divine energy.
Turn your face to the sun as it enriches the life energy of the planet and feel the vibrancy of creation surge through your body. You are a divine child in the embrace of the loving Source, share that energy with a compassionate smile and shine on.

Tarot Card of the Day: The Two of Swords


Tarot Card of the Day: The Two of Swords

Balance, rhythm, and concentration can move you adeptly towards your goal but without direction you’re simply treading water. Keep a grip on over-wrought emotions today as they can lead you in the wrong direction, be open to opportunity and get out of the paralysing state of indecision. Toss the excuses, self-doubt, and fear aside for they are keeping you in a state of stagnation and time is ticking. Use your attuned sense of balance to find consensus and excel; there is so much more to life than simply existing. Though there is a truce agreement on the table be weary of more conflict to come, especially concerning family matters.

Our subject is seated and blindfolded with a balanced sword in each hand. The ocean behind her is slightly agitated as the scouring glare of the new moon shines down upon the slippery, jagged rocks of her indecisiveness. The radiant sun of clear objectives has yet to dawn placing our well-balanced querrant in a potentially dangerous and vulnerable predicament.

Rune of the Day: Inguz

How appropriate that our Rune for May Day is Inguz, Ruler of the elves of  Alfheim,  Frey the god of fertility and creativity aka Ing the hero god. Inguz inspires us to be born anew.

This powerful Rune requires your commitment to completion of tasks long overdue. It’s the start of new beginnings and the completion of those unresolved elements in our lives that have prevented us from moving forward. The adage “The only constant in life is change” reminds us to embrace change and live in the now and grow.

May Day signals the beginning of the planting season and The Hedge Witch moves through the garden preparing the hedge rows. Turning the soil, aerating and adding ample fertilizer to the earth, The Hedge Witch completes the first step in the cycle of growth. Nurturing the aina is necessary for the seeds to have the required nutrients to grow healthy and strong.