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Divination of the Moment

Divination of the Moment

The Hedge Witch Oracle

Rune: Wunjo

Wunjo & Kukui

Let the light in and experience joy, Wunjo is the Rune that signifies the emerging psyche from the darkness into the light, allowing for restoration and rejuvenation of the spirit, mind, and body. So pull back those heavy drapes of excessive thinking and let the light in! In Hawaiian tradition the Kukui or Candle Nut  metaphysically and literally means light, as the oil from the Kukui fueled the ubiquitous tiki torches that illuminated the inevitable darkness of the Polynesian night, dispelling fears of the unknown.

We often allow the darkness of negative thinking to oppress and dominate our thoughts through the judging and condemning of ourselves and others. When we “lighten” up we pull the heavy rocks or negative thoughts that block the light of our love from shinning up and out from the vessel that holds our spiritual light and soul.  In Hawaii when we offer a Kukui Lei (garland of  Kukui nuts) with Aloha to guests and loved ones, it recognizes the Divine Light and love we share as children of God.

Insensitivity to other belief systems is an endemic plague undermining the fabric of every society. Lightening up your beliefs and you might realize that politics is a costly game that one need not play in order to find happiness.

If you haven’t received your daily dose of Vitamin D try spending a little time enjoying the sunlight on your face. Smile, because you are precisely in the right place, at the right time, right now! Bask in the light for it is a gift to receive, like ripe fruit on the vine, it is there for your enjoyment! If the darkness that surrounds you can’t wait until the Dawn, light a candle and regard its energy and dissolve your overwrought thoughts and share the…




Rune of The Hedge Witch Oracle

Rune of the Day: Sowelu-may the force be with you!

Rune of the Day: Sowelu
The rays of the sun shine down upon you, rejuvenating and revitalizing your mana. Imagine that every cell in your body is effected by the radiant solar energy creating a sense of wholeness within you.
Sowelu is a rune of life energy, wholeness and regeneration. It’s presence in your life today is to remind you that all ailments and stresses can melt away in the presence of the divine energy.
Turn your face to the sun as it enriches the life energy of the planet and feel the vibrancy of creation surge through your body. You are a divine child in the embrace of the loving Source, share that energy with a compassionate smile and shine on.

Rune of the Day: Inguz

How appropriate that our Rune for May Day is Inguz, Ruler of the elves of  Alfheim,  Frey the god of fertility and creativity aka Ing the hero god. Inguz inspires us to be born anew.

This powerful Rune requires your commitment to completion of tasks long overdue. It’s the start of new beginnings and the completion of those unresolved elements in our lives that have prevented us from moving forward. The adage “The only constant in life is change” reminds us to embrace change and live in the now and grow.

May Day signals the beginning of the planting season and The Hedge Witch moves through the garden preparing the hedge rows. Turning the soil, aerating and adding ample fertilizer to the earth, The Hedge Witch completes the first step in the cycle of growth. Nurturing the aina is necessary for the seeds to have the required nutrients to grow healthy and strong.