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Divination of the Moment: The Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Divination of the Moment: The Page of Cups

Hark! A messenger brings good tidings, are you listening? When The Page of Cups makes an appearance be prepared for some good news. Often heralding that a bundle of joy is on the way, The Page of Cups offers a makana(gift) of good things to come. If you have struggled for inspiration expect it soon as the gentle and kindly courtier inspires creativeness, artistic pursuits, and courage. Pay attention to those drowsy moments right before you fall asleep or wake up, here is where the “A-HA” moment will present itself if the Page doesn’t literally show up at your doorstep.

Blessings with Aloha from The Hedge Witch Oracle

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Divination of the Moment

Divination of The Moment:

-Hawaii Tarot Card of the Day

Ten of Cups


Find and relish the joy brought by family and friends today. Joy comes from the belief that love and friendship are what makes the world go round and palatable.

Today is a day for being happy and happiness is a choice. Security is an illusion but feeling secure in the love of others is a gift to enjoy, so what’s stopping you, have fun and be joyful, no one else can do that for you.

You are responsible for the happiness in your life so participate and choose to be thankful than choose to be happy, even in the face of despair.

The dividends are paid in laughs, smiles, hugs, and kisses. You are certainly rich beyond measure if you share these ephemeral delights!

Video Divination of the Moment…

Please enjoy our video divination of the moment…

Tarot Card of The Day: The Six of Cups

Tarot Card of The Day: The Six of Cups

Expect a special gift this month from one without ulterior motive. This card represents the beauty  and innocence of children and the love expressed through giving. The real challenge is being willing to receive graciously. Sometimes we feel we must sacrifice in order that others may receive but in the divine order of the universe giving and receiving is a two way street. If you refuse to receive out of self deprivation and sacrifice you are in essence putting a damn in place of the cosmic flow and the divine provenance and prosperity simply flows around and past you. Don’t kick the gift horse in the mouth because you feel others are more deserving. When the universe wishes to bestow a gift upon you, accept it with thanks, don’t second guess it and avoid any guilt that might arise from acquiescing to the gift that is The Six of Cups. Prosperity is a state of mind first and if you refuse to accept the abundance that is offered you are essentially undermining yourself in a powerful and financially debilitating fashion. If your feeling unworthy that is the ego talking, keeping you in a state of servitude to it’s fearful reactionary world of doubt and powerlessness. There are always opportunities to give, but this case is not one of them, your function here is to be the divine chalice or bowl and receive what is being freely given in love. Allow the light of love to brighten your vessel; fill it up with the joy of being and you will be participating perfectly in the Divine will.

Enveloped in the safety of  a well fortified but quaint village, an older child gives a chalice of flowers to a younger child displaying the love and affection of innocence and youth.  The Six of Cups offers us a glimpse at the beauty of childhood and the purity  of un-jaded intentions. Embrace this innocence that we once embodied and share it with others. Give and receive love without conditions and revel in the intent of the child like purity represented by the lilies in the chalice. Heaven on Earth begins in this moment of exchange; love in it’s purest state heals all, reveals all, helps all. All that is necessary for you to do is to reach out and accept it; that which you truly deserve, the divine love.

Blessings with Aloha from The Hedge Witch Oracle

Tarot Card of the Day: The Five of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Day: The Five of Pentacles-
This months Card of the Day begs us to wrap our minds around the bone chilling fear of lack and destitution. Beware, for what we think about we bring about. The feeling of trudging through life’s difficulties without our material securities is not only mind numbing and depressing it can freeze the brain into thinking it is in a perpetual state of lack. Impoverishment starts as a niggling thought, a what if. One fluttering thought followed by another. Our fears, left unchecked will develop into a flurry of negative thinking until at last we stumble into the harrowing storm of emotional distress, bereft of hope and destitute. The Five of Pentacles takes the uncertainty associated with the number five and attaches it to the materialism of the pentacle suit. When we engage in feelings of lack we turn the course of our lives in the very direction we are fearing the most. The Five of Pentacles asks that if you’re feeling the pinch of the penny pincher stop and take stock, not of what you don’t have, but of what you should be thankful for. Living an abundant life, like happiness is a choice. Sometimes the appearance of lack is very convincing, painful and wrought with suffering. However, if you change your mind about the experience there is always a golden nugget of truth, that if we choose to seek it, will grant us recompense from the blustery chill of our own negativity.
Two beggars representing disabled thinking and destitution struggle through the accumulation of their negativity. Behind them shines the splendor of the divine light through a stain glass representation of the Tree of Life. If only these two lonely souls would change their perspective 180 degrees they would find the warmth and shelter they seek from their seemingly desperate situation. When we face the dark night of the soul and recognize that we have nothing to loose we only have ourselves to gain.

Tarot Card of the Day: The Seven of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Day: The Seven of Pentacles:

As we prepare to reap what we have sown, and collect the object of our labors the opportunity to examine our true intentions and our current situation is at hand. The Seven of Pentacles reveals to us that through hard work and determination we can nurture our thoughts into material fruit, however, in the moment we are not quite ready to collect the harvest as our labors have not fully ripened. It is often in this moment of re-evaluation that our true intent becomes realized and the pesky pests that lie in our past attachments emerge from the subconscious to gnaw on our potential. Fear of success, is a vague and elusive rat. To the unrealized mind this is the moment when things mysteriously begin to fall apart, right before the harvest, when our burgeoning ideas and self-confidence begins to falter and the weeds of doubt and the vermin of fear destroy our co-creative efforts. Onipa’a, be steadfast for the harvest is at hand!  The Seven of Pentacles asks us to stop and pause to re-examine your reasons for working so hard and whether it’s the path you truly should be following. Re-affirm your commitment to your own happiness and take the next step as the pay off is right around the corner. Be weary of letting your fears stop you from receiving what you have worked so hard to achieve.

Leaning upon his hoe, a farmer pauses to regard his efforts which are flowering abundantly on the vine, soon the flowers or The Seven Pentacles will transform into fruit and the time of reaping will begin. To the Ancient Hawaiians the vine growing Ipu was tended to with great care and skill. Flies and maggots would often overwhelm the blossoms impeding pollination and the slightest jostling or bruising of the young gourds would cause the fruit to rot. The vigilant gardener keeps the pests at bay so that verdant ideas may bear fruit.

Tarot Card of the Day: The High Priestess

Tarot Card of the Day: The High Priestess

The mysteries of the unknown and unknowable have puzzled and perturbed mankind over the many centuries of our collective existence. Science has helped humanity separate the fiction from the fact, the real and the unreal but even with all our technology, scientific observations, calculations and research much of the universe and it’s contents remains mysterious and unfathomable. The High Priestess represents the hidden influences that operate within our lives and the awe and mystery that surrounds what we simply don’t know. One constant in humanities development is the never-ending desire to Know and by knowing we make benign the darkness that lurks in the corners of our psyche. The Ancient Greeks coined the phrase “Know thy self and nothing more” hinting that the answer to life’s riddles lies not in the external world of polarity, gravity, and chaos but within the self, within the mind, the expansive universe of our thoughts. The High Priestess in ancient times once held a much more galvanized role in society, revered for her primary mystery and virtue of child-bearing, The virgin goddess’ of antiquity represented the greatest mystery of mysteries. Be prepared this month to open your mind to your higher self, the Christ mind, or the collective super consciousness. It’s not important to understand how it works, just rest assured that your psychic abilities do exist and  The High Priestess has appeared to replace doubt with assurance. The caveat  here is to let go of the why, what, where, when, how and trust in the Universe’s desire to deliver to your door your ultimate wish.

Seated on a raised dias sits the immortal Virgin Goddess, The High Priestess, Malama goddess of the moon. On her head sits the crown of Hathor on her chest the Solar Cross in her hand the Tora at her feet the crescent moon. Garbed in the light blue robe of the Virgin Mary, she represents all the sacred moon goddesses of ancient times and the glorification of female virginity in the Abrahamic faiths of today. The Vestals of ancient Rome and the Oracles of Delphi and Cuma were sacred because they were unsullied by man’s wanton desires and lust, believing that their virgin status was partly responsible for their powers of clairvoyance. The High Priestess sits between two pillars of polar opposites named Boaz & Joachim. These pillars marked the entrance to Solomon’s Temple in ancient Jerusalem and guarded the entrance to the Tabernacle or the Holiest of Holies, the repository for the Arc of the Covenant. A curtain or scrim hangs between the pillars obscuring the view of what lies behind her, decorated with date palms and pomegranates, symbols of male and female fertility. Peeking behind the curtain we see a great expanse of tranquil water, the ocean of the mind and the home of God. All the mysteries of existence are revealed not from outside of ourselves but from within.

Tarot Card of the Day: The King of Cups

Tarot Card of the Day: The King of Cups

Also known as The King of Hearts; this male archetype will rule the month with thoughtful consideration and random acts of kindness. Like Saint Valentine and Good King Wenceslas, The King of Cups is generous, responsible, and compassionate. An avid patron of the arts and sciences; this learned individual is often occupied by spiritual pursuits, justice, or business’ with a developed sense social responsibility. Often displaying a serene state of being, the interior mind of The King of Cups  is often quite the opposite as he is considered the most emotional of all the male archetypes in the Tarot. And with the unexpected power of a rogue wave, the King can burst into a deluge of destruction; devastating  those he deems wicked, ungracious, or rude.

The King of Cups sits on his stately throne in the midst of a turbulent sea, a symbol of the subconscious mind. Behind him a dolphin breaches the surface of the water indicative of  a furtive, active thinker, with a curiosity for the natural world and social awareness. Over his left shoulder An anchored ship pitches and rolls revealing the struggle that his right brain experiences while trying to stay even keeled in his emotional world. The King holds a Lotus scepter, symbolic of his grasp on spirituality and his openness and connection to the divine spirit. He also wears a golden fish around his neck connecting him to the water signs of the Zodiac, specifically Pieces and in his Right hand he holds a golden chalice, The Holy Grail, the vessel of the Christ consciousness representative of the love, compassionate and emotional nature of The Suit of Cups.

Tarot Card of the Day: The Empress

Tarot Card of the Day: The Empress:

Abundanza in Italian or Wai Wai in Hawaiian is the adjective that best describes The Eternal Mother giver of life, love, and abundance. Gaia, Haumea, Mother Earth, the living breathing planet that nurtures and supports us rules the first month of the year with sensual abundance and love. Be ready, a child is brewing in the belly of your creativity perhaps both figuratively and literally so be prepared for its joyful nascence. The Empress is many characters: Hera, queen of the gods consort to Zeus, mother of Persephone; she is Venus, goddess of love, beauty, and desire; she is Adelaide Empress of the Holy Roman Empire; and she is Eleanor Queen of Aquitaine, mother of King’s. She is a fruitful ruler in the material plane, practical, loving, and adoring. The quintessential Mother of  mothers, our Mame for all seasons. She is here to shower you with motherly love and support but remember not to fool with mother nature. Her realm is a material one where she reigns supreme and she wields destruction with fiendish efficiency. For the past century The Empress has been slowly rising in our collective consciousness producing a major shift in our appreciation of the sacred feminine, the pinnacle of which will be realized in 2012. What does that mean exactly? Be ready for a major shift of consciousness that moves us towards unity and peace. More women will have more influence in the material happenings of our planet. They will move into positions of leadership and influence  not because they mimic male machismo and political ambition but because they are mothers and nurturers. “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”.

The Empress reclines on her luxurious throne amidst the golden hues of a field of wheat; she is matron of the material, birther, mother, Creatrix.  At her feet, the shield of Venus; in her hand a golden scepter evidence her dominion over the material world and love. Her star-studded crown and gown of ripe pomegranates are representative of her divine fertility and eternal abundance. Beware, for to scorn her is to evoke one’s own destruction.

Tarot Card of the Day: The Three of Wands

 Tarot Card of the Day: The Three of Wands

Without risk there is no reward, even in times of financial chaos and confusion opportunity abounds. It is precisely in these uncertain times that the greatest opportunity for success exists and nothing prevents the senses from detecting opportunity than unmitigated fear. The Three of Wands invites us to over come our thoughts of lack so that we may open the mind to unlimited potential. Poverty is a state of mind first that creates a state of being. Stop listening to the chatter of fear that is so artfully manipulated by pundits and television personalities. Stop sniveling and shivering in your boots and move from a state of petrified inaction to one of positive empowering action; prosperity and abundance is your divine birth right, not something the government or banks bestow upon you. You are NOT your credit rating you are a divine child of the Universe deserving of Gods unlimited abundance. Expect commerce to flourish this week and  coöperation with one’s business associates will pay dividends.

With The Three of Wands we find standing upon the hill of higher consciousness, the Merchant. He intently watches as his ships; laden with the bounty of his co-creative efforts with God, return across the waters of the subconscious. Grasping firmly in his right hand the Merchant supports his role as co creator with the unquestionable belief in his creative energies and abilities represented in the suit of wands. Being in a state of unlimited abundance requires our firm belief in ourselves and The Divine Will, ensuring us that God’s Love includes unlimited supply. Believe!